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Hello world!

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I have started a small finance company.  My name is John Adams, and I have branched out on my own.  We offer small business loans and have a network of lenders that can help companies.  This is my first blog post in attempt to start getting information on business loans out there.  I will also share with you financial tips and tricks I know to help you do better.

Speaking off…do you know what a Paydex score is?  If not, it is used by Dunn & Bradstreet as a credit score to look at businesses and their promptness of payments to creditors.  Make sure you understand this if you are wanting to get a good loan!

A little bit about me.  I live in the state of Florida, and I plan on specializing in a few niche industries as I can understand them better.  I have a brother-in-law who owns a pest control company in Miami Gardens and I *may* be helping him get a small business loan soon.  We shall see!  he wants to expand and is doing quite well, but needs money for some stuff to treat bed bugs and some more trucks!

That is all I have for my first post!  Talk soon!